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Greater Charleston
Greater Charleston Area Downtown Charleston Loggerhead Island Morris Island
Downtown Charleston
Downtown Charleston Bolton Prep
Bolton Preparatory Academy is one of America's premiere private schools. Admission is by invitation only.
Claybourne Manor
Claybourne Manor is a 19th-century mansion that is a registered historical landmark and the largest private residence in South Carolina.
Morris Island, SC
Downtown Charleston The Townhomes
Townhomes: Built inside the remnants of Civil War era Fort Wagner, these ten concrete townhomes are the only modern structure on the island.
The Bunker
Morris Island Bunker Hundreds of Civil War fortifications were constructed on Morris Island, many of which may still exist.
Loggerhead Island, SC
Loggerhead Island LIRI Institute
Loggerhead Island Research Institute is a private research facility. Trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
The Docks
The Loggerhead Island Dock is the island's only dock and leads directly to the large front gates of the LIRI facility.

Othram IDs 2004 John Doe Thought to be Murdered While Hitchhiking

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